We believe that every person is unique and each has their own strengths and weaknesses – and so does your space. The art of accentuating the strong points in interiors while working with the weaknesses in creating a space that is well balanced, functional and exquisite.

A representation of you or your family, or business in the form of art.

Creating one masterpiece at a time, we take time to carefully plan and select each space according to your budget and taste, while adding a unique touch that will make you want to linger in each space.

Meet Géla le Roux, qualified Interior Designer and the heart and passion behind Art by Design.

Géla is a former Mrs South Africa Runner-up, Motivational Speaker and founder of Hadassah women empowerment movement.

With a strong background in Business and Marketing, Gela combines her experience with her creativity in both residential as well as commercial spaces, focusing on Corporate branding & identity, as well as Digital Marketing.

Our services include advice on interior and exterior finishes, furnishing, concept design, custom furniture, installation, corporate identity and branding, as well as digital marketing.

With a strong background in Marketing, combined with qualified Interior Design skills and creativity, we take a holistic approach to your branding and corporate identity, focusing on your clients and generating more sales for your business.